OnePitch is a platform that allows journalists to contact publicists when they want to connect for a lead on a story. For content quality, a human vets each pitch. Journalists select their interests so they receive one personalized email a day that’s powered by a matching algorithm.

We partnered with OnePitch and BAMCommunications to define the product strategy, user experience, tech approach, and expand the brand.

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Quickly submit a pitch by writing a few bullet points and selecting relevant topics and industries.


Journalists receive dozens of useless or misdirected pitches every day. Unwanted emails and cold pitches inundate inboxes. Many times, these emails have nothing to do with the journalists' beat. It’s a major chore to sift through email to find something good— this dredge wastes so much time and useful information gets overlooked.

Publicists spend endless hours researching their contact lists, searching for someone who may want to receive the pitch— only to get little response. For publicists, pitching cold and constant follow up is the norm ending up in wasted hours each day. We partnered with OnePitch to solve this.


With a simple sign up, journalists receive one email a day with pitches based on their chosen interests. The OnePitch team reviews and approves every pitch on the platform. These two measures ensure journalists receive stories they actually want in their inbox.

In the same light, publicists can leverage an easy to use the platform that distributes their pitches daily to precise media contacts. This way, the quantity of email is low, and the quality of the content is high.

The end of bad pitches.

The start of great stories.

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Journalists recieve custom emails based on their tech vertical preferences

One of a Kind

As publicists, OnePitch experienced the problem on a daily basis. Even if a publicist had a great story to tell, they could be trying to contact a journalist who didn’t cover the subject, was too busy to respond or someone who left their position.

When OnePitch approached us with this idea, it surprised us a product didn’t exist to solve this yet. Sure, roll up emails targeted to journalists are out there. Still, no one had cracked the real journalist’s need: to have a custom set of pitches based on preferences you control as a user, all the time.

In our UX sprints, we designed a straightforward sign-up flow for both parties. As a journalist, you can quickly create an account, pick your interests, and get the goods in your inbox. As a publicist, you can easily upload your pitch and know it’s going to a highly select group of journalists.

OnePitch User Flow Industry Selection
Tech verticals are easy to understand and select
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We knew OnePitch had to have a strong visual presence. Using an already designed logo, we built out their identity system. Using high-key photography with pops of yellow, we designed a unique, memorable, and modern brand. From color to typeface, button styles to interest selection, this platform communicates simple, friendly precision.

OnePitch Brand Imagery
OnePitch Brand Style Guide OnePitch Brand Style Guide OnePitch Brand Style Guide
OnePitch UI Elements
Elements from OnePitch's style guide


Right now, OnePitch is an MLP— minimum lovable product. We can't wait to see what they do next with this stellar idea that solves real user problems with a smart, seamless experience.

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