The Agentology platform engages leads to ensure they’re qualified to move forward in the sales process making it easy for real estate agents to make more money.

We designed and built a chat and CRM tool that allows Agentology’s team to vet, manage, and nurture leads for agents.
Only high-quality leads make it to the Agent's dashboard. The platform alerts agents when a new
lead is ready for engagement based on their communication preferences.

The Way It Was Done

In the traditional real estate sales process, agents waste time trying to engage a buyer or seller who isn't ready. An agent would use the old school way­­ keeping leads on a list and follow up every so often. This way of doing business worked back when real estate was a localized effort. It was about relationship management.

A New Technology Problem

Enter the internet. The real estate business changed dramatically with access to millions of potential clients. Today, 90% of all transactions start with an online search. It's hard for agents to ignore such a massive lead source. Because of this, Realtors are spending $15B per year generating online leads.

of transactionsstart with online search
spent per year byrealtors generating online leads

Research, Listen, Learn

We learned about agent's problems first hand from the Agentology leadership team and on-the-ground user research. Agents are incredibly busy and worried about losing a commission— their livelihood depends on sales.

Agent’s critical pain points are:

  • inconsistent income
  • too many low-quality leads coming in from the web
  • good leads get lost in the noise
  • time is wasted chasing cold leads
  • ambiguity on who to connect with and when
  • lack of prioritization for their team

The Solutions

Armed with empathy for our user, we understood our charge. The goal was to build a platform that would:

1. Enable the Agentology team to initiate the first point of contact with a potential lead (within five minutes) via text, call or email.

2. Allow agents to track their leads through the vetting process in an easy-to-use web app.

3. Filter out junk leads and only allow pre-qualified, warm leads into Agent's inboxes.

4. Empower Agents to nurture leads with custom scripts and rule setting.

Agentology Lead Vetting Process
High-level lead vetting process

The first agent to make contact is 238% more likely to convert a lead.

- Market Leader Report


Agentology wanted to build all their products (backend and user-facing) with Material Design. We designed products that align with Material Guidelines so that enhancements will be fast on their team's side as they learn about their product after launch.

Material Sticker Sheet
Custom Material Design components for fast iteration


We built the Agentology platform from the ground up to scale with their ever-growing user base. Leveraging the bi-directional synchronization between Salesforce and Heroku Postgres, we were able to easily unify datasets like contacts, account data, and custom objects into Salesforce. For seamless telephony features like real-time voice calling, SMS, and MMS, we integrated with Twilio.

We created custom microservices in order to implement an API Gateway around the entire platform, making it simple to integrate 3rd parties like Follow Up Boss, Keller Williams, and This way, agents can take advantage of Agentology’s lead conversion features and external sales teams with the click of a button.

Google Apps LogoZillow LogoSalesforce Logo
Twilio LogoHeroku Logo

Insight & Optimize

We designed an insights dashboard so agents can analyze how lead sources are driving toward their bottom line. This dashboard will also capture lead qualification criteria so agents can view how many leads responded, how many qualified, and why leads were not qualified. Agents can filter down by lead source to know which is bringing them the most value. With these insights, we arm agents with the knowledge of what’s working… and what’s not.

With their 100% USA-based team, Agentology combines human touch with smart technology to empower Agents to win at making that sale. We continue to partner with Agentology as they grow and continuously improve their platform.

Lead Conversion Insights Agentology Lead Type Graph Agentology Insights
Analytics on lead performance bring value to Agent's bottom line
David Tal, Agentology CEO
Working with BL3NDlabs changed our entire business. I had no idea how big an impact they would have on us. Their thoughtful approach to customer-centric design & development helped us craft the perfect journey that led to a dramatic increase in usage and retention.
— David Tal, Co-Founder & CEO



  • Product Strategy
  • Demand Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Positioning


  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframes
  • Product Design
  • Creative Direction


  • Technical Strategy
  • Prototyping
  • Front End Development
  • Systems Architecture
  • Dev Ops
  • API Integration

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